Scavenger Hunts

Chocolate Storytime Scavenger Hunt

Pasadena consists of so many unique neighborhoods within one city. Each neighborhood stands alone, has its own history and culture, has it’s own energy, and is full of surprises. Where else can you go on a hike, go fly fishing, horse back riding, and do archery all in one day!

We promise that you and your family and friends will have a blast doing our scavenger hunts. They are specially crafted to stimulate, educate, challenge and entertain all the participants. 

Whether individual or in teams, you will have a lot of fun!

All entries will have a chance to win a family or friend pack prize.  Scavenger Hunt leaflets will be available at La Pintoresca library.  Once you are finished, fold it up and place it in the Chocolate Storytime Box.  All qualified entries will be entered into a drawing for a prize. Winners are announced at the Chocoloate Storytimes and must be present to win.


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