Alicia Leilani

Third grade Alicia Leilani Randall is Chocolate Storytime’s Arts & Crafts Director. Alicia Leilani selects craft ideas based on the storytime theme.  If there’s no theme, she uses her imagination to come up with something that would be interesting to kids her age and younger.

With a variety of sources from which to choose, Alicia Leilani flips through arts and crafts books, scours kid-friendly websites, thinks about previous classroom art projects, and reflects on ideas from television that may give her inspiration.  Once she makes up her mind, she adds her own creative elements, writes down easy-to-follow directions and creates samples that kids can use to guide them.

More About Alicia Leilani

Eight-year old Alicia Leilani is a native of Pasadena, California. In Polynesian, her middle name, Leilani, means “heavenly child,” and according to her parents, Louis and Ayesha, that is the perfect characterization of their daughter.

She loves to draw, paint, and do crafts. Frugal and practical, Alicia Leilani uses recycled materials to create art and miniature compartments held together by tape. She also builds elaborate homemade forts and boobie traps made with string and tape.  In fact, tape–whether it be masking, transparent, double-sided–is one of her most used mediums.  She uses tape for almost everything!  She uses tape to hold things together, to attach buttons, to be a glitter adhesive, to hold together flannel fabric, and more.  She even uses rolled tape as a decorative element in her mixed media pieces.

Enjoying filling up containers like boxes, suitcases, coin purses, and plastic thingys with various items, Alicia Leilani also enjoys building things with Lincoln Logs, cards, Legos, wooden blocks, and more.

Alicia Leilani loves the outdoors—walking around the back yard bare foot, sprinting against her dad, riding her bike, playing in her tree house, yelling at the top of her lungs in excitement, observing insects and birds, hula hooping, and spending hours making mud pies, stick and leaf creations, and sand castles with her dog, Icee, by her side.

When she grows up, Alicia Leilani wants to be a chemist. She loves to create concoctions and leave them all around her house–not to be disturbed.  Affectionately nicknamed Nina, Tina, Teenie, Nee-tah, Tokey, and Token by her mom, Alicia Leilani speaks Spanish as a second language, plays a couple of instruments, and loves the Puppy Place books. Things Alicia doesn’t love are dancing in front of people, cleaning up her room, and reading classic books that her mom picks out.

A favorite day for Alicia Leilani starts off with watching cartoons and eating her dad’s homemade waffles with coconut flakes and ends with cuddling fast asleep with her mommy. When her dad was asked if he was concerned that she was an only child, he replied, “She’ll be alright.  She’s got me and Icee.”  Kind, compassionate, and considerate, Alicia Leilani has been described by a friend as “loyal.”