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Storytime Tips PicChildren feel nurtured by good books, and there’s nothing they like more than sitting in a cozy group while a storytime leader reads a great story. To maximize the enjoyment for the storytime leader and child, La Pintoresca Librarian manager, Ms. Pat Smith and librarian assistant, Ms. Lupita Barajas, suggested some of the following tips for storytime to groups:¬† Select books with large and bold pictures, choose stories that do not have a lot of text, and talk just enough to engage with the children and parents.

If you plan on participating in Chocolate Storytime as a reader or just want some pointers, here are more links to tips for successful storytimes:

3 thoughts on “Storytime Tips

  1. I would like to suggest that involving the children by making them a part of the reading. Ex. if there is a ‘sun’ in the story allow someone to be the sun or a tree or an animal, give them a part or a personae. You can have walk-ons, sound effects or voice inclinations. Waving a bright yellow and orange scarf would make a nice sun (smiles)


  2. In order to have a well-rounded ‘Chocolate Storytime’, include diverse books that includes different ethnic groups, such as, ‘Tullips in Holland’, Frere Jacques, different countries. Although empahsis is on African-American culture, infuse and imbue other ethnic children, What fun!! CLAP,CLAP, Yeaaaa!!


  3. Story time IS QUIET TIME, Setting the stage invokes in the children that no talking, no question etc. until the main emphasis is expressed and solved is the- rule- of- the- day. Asking questions after the story is read can be enhanced by giving a prize, ex. What was the name of the Frog and what was his color?!!! Thank you Dr. Randall for posting ‘Story time tips’ but here are a few that I am including after the last session


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