Wintertime Stories & S’mores

IMG_1738The scouts in Girl Scout Troop 4601 periodically attend and/or volunteer at Chocolate Storytime.  But during January’s Chocolate Storytime, the troop went away to a winter snow camp, creating stories that will last a lifetime.

Many of them also say that one of their fondest memories was making s’mores.  But this was a different type of s’more; it’s more for those who are “glamping” (glamorous camping) and have a microwave.  The recipe and process came from Girl Scout mom, Esmeralda Nava-Boateng.  It’s especially good for when it’s snowing outside and the old-fashioned wood stove won’t work (like ours).  Here’s the recipe and procedure:

  1. Do not toast the marshmallows.
  2. Place 4 graham squares on microwaveable plate.
  3. Top with chocolate and marshmallows.
  4. Microwave on high 20 sec. or until marshmallows puff.
  5. Cover with remaining graham squares.
  6. Press together gently to secure.

As we were creating stories and memories at camp, back home, Trinity Moore, junior at Maranatha High School was our guest storytime reader.  A prolific writer and speaker, Trinity has placed in many oratory contests across the city and beyond.   While very active in school, currently taking 4 advanced placement classes and preparing for standardized assessment testing, Trinity continues to make time for volunteer work in her community.  She is always looking for a way to help and inspire others.  Service to the youth is important to her and is demonstrated in the activities in which she takes part.

We were also pleased to have Trinity’s mother, Mrs. Cathy Moore, a law enforcement retiree as well as a former Girl Scout troop leader with over 7 years of experience, lend her support.

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