Ice Cream on a Hot June Afternoon


It was an ordinary hot afternoon, so it was very nice to come into the library, where it was cool, quiet, and relaxing.

Ms. Ayesha went out to the La Pintoresca Day Camp leader to ask if the younger kids could come in for a while to enjoy stories.  Usually, we read around 3 books, but because we were not going to do a craft, but instead have some ice cream, we read 5 books that the kids picked out.

One that the kids really liked was “The New Small Person” authored and illustrated by Lauren Child.  Another classic that everyone always enjoys is “The Secret Olivia Told Me” by N. Joy and illustrated by Nancy Devard.

Afterwards, the kids ate chocolate ice cream sandwiches and twirled, moved, and danced around to John Coltrane music.  It was a cool afternoon.


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