Oobleck Slime at Chocolate Storytime

Five minutes before Chocolate Storytime begins, the leader usually goes around giving a final call to the library patrons and to kids and parents outside in the park.  This time, a nice family who was in the park with their little children were invited to come. Surprisingly, the whole family agreed to visit, including 3 adults and several middle school boys. Once inside, the kids … Continue reading Oobleck Slime at Chocolate Storytime

Ice Cream on a Hot June Afternoon

It was an ordinary hot afternoon, so it was very nice to come into the library, where it was cool, quiet, and relaxing. Ms. Ayesha went out to the La Pintoresca Day Camp leader to ask if the younger kids could come in for a while to enjoy stories.  Usually, we read around 3 books, but because we were not going to do a craft, … Continue reading Ice Cream on a Hot June Afternoon

Read Aloud with Your Child Challenge

For the month of April, our Girl Scout Juniors (some of whom have attended and/or volunteered at Chocolate Storytime) went to San Francisco, California for the weekend to participate in the Golden Gate Bridging.  So our wonderful librarian, Rosa Cesaretti, led the reading for Chocolate Storytime!  Rosa has been at La Pintoresca Branch Library for 4 years, and we are fortunate to have her.  She has … Continue reading Read Aloud with Your Child Challenge

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority’s ASCEND Visits Chocolate Storytime

Pasadena’s Black Greeks hold a considerable position in the social and cultural fabric of the San Gabriel Valley.  We are very fortunate to have such active organizations that are so totally committed to community service. Toni Jones, from Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., brought high school students, Taylor Holmes and Nadira Johnson, from their ASCEND program, to read and assist with crafts at Chocolate Storytime. … Continue reading Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority’s ASCEND Visits Chocolate Storytime

Chocolate Storytime’s 3rd Anniversary

Thankfully, we have made it to our third year!  With the help of the fantastic staff at La Pintoresca Park and the wonderful volunteers, Chocolate Storytime is at 3 years strong.  We’ve read dozens of books to hundreds of children and families, and it has definitely been a rewarding experience for all who have participated.  Our desire is to keep up the momentum and continue … Continue reading Chocolate Storytime’s 3rd Anniversary

Ms. Ford’s Winter Wonderland

Eccentric, talented, witty, and charismatic, Ms. Betty J. Ford is the Program Coordinator for Chocolate Storytime here at our home base, La Pintoresca Branch Library.  She schedules and books special talent, speakers, and guests for our story time.  This past January 11th, she turned 80 years old.  And while some may associate this milestone season of life with slowing down, Ms. Ford considers these years as … Continue reading Ms. Ford’s Winter Wonderland

2017 Black History Month Theme

This Black History Month theme from Carter G. Woodson’s Association for the Study of African American Life and History is “The Crisis in Black Education.”  The Executive Summary follows: The problem of educational inequality has a long history in America.  The crisis in black education first began in the days of slavery when it was unlawful for slaves to learn to read and write. In … Continue reading 2017 Black History Month Theme